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Wayne Wolfe and Zachary Guyse are Alabama & Tennessee Valley Region Personal Injury Attorneys with an Extensive Record Of Trial Victories & Settlements

“I met with a lawyer in Athens, Alabama who told me that the best lawyer involving accidents between cars and 18 wheelers was Wayne Wolfe from Huntsville, Alabama. My family and I believe in Wayne Wolfe and his law firm and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”-Rachel

Car Accidents

The effects of a car accident can be severe and long-lasting, including permanent disability, reduced earning power, ongoing medical treatment, and sometimes lifelong pain and suffering. Accordingly, our attorneys seek to obtain full compensation for clients’ injuries, through settlement or trial.

R. Wayne Wolfe has tried car accident cases all across north Alabama, including Madison, Marshall, Morgan, Colbert, Limestone, Jackson, DeKalb, Lawrence and Franklin counties. We have a high success rate in settling car wreck personal injury cases, but we will take the case to court if the insurance company will not settle or offers less than adequate compensation.

We have negotiated substantial insurance settlements and won significant jury awards for car crashes, motorcycle accidents, SUV rollovers, and pedestrians or bicyclers injured when they are struck by motor vehicles. Our firm investigates all details of intersection collisions, rear-end collisions, head-on collisions and all auto accidents. Wolfe, Jones, Wolfe, Hancock, Daniel & South, LLC also handles car accident litigation involving uninsured or underinsured drivers, drunk driving accidents and hit-and-run accidents.

Trucking Accidents

Many factors may be at play when people are injured in collisions with an 18-wheeler or other type of truck. The driver may have violated weight restrictions, driven beyond permitted hours, or operated an improperly maintained truck.

Our firm represents victims of trucking accidents in claims for personal injury as well as wrongful death. We have an impressive record for holding truck drivers and commercial hauling companies responsible for negligence in the personal injury or death of other motorists or pedestrians.

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of federal Department of Transportation regulations and all Alabama laws pertaining to the trucking industry. Also, one of our attorneys has extensive experience representing truck companies in accident cases and knows how commercial trucking firms defend against these claims.

We represent victims of intersection collisions with tractor-trailers, as well as accidents occurring on major North Alabama and Southern Tennessee transportation corridors such as I-65, I-565, Highway 72 and Highway 431/231. Our attorneys have prevailed at trial in dozens of truck accidents by showing negligence in many forms:

  • Driver fatigued due to driving too many hours (beyond DOT regulations)
  • Truck was overweight, or the load improperly secured
  • Driver was speeding
  • Driver or trucking company falsified log books or maintenance records
  • Bad brakes, bald tires, missing mud flaps or other negligent maintenance

We represent clients sustaining any significant injury in an accident with a tractor-trailer or commercial truck, including head, neck or back injury, loss of limb, broken bones, internal injuries, or soft tissue damage.

The experienced attorneys of Wolfe, Jones, Wolfe, Hancock, Daniel & South, LLC offer years of combined experience in litigation and settlement of personal injury claims related to the commercial hauling industry. Contact our Alabama truck and car accident lawyers in Huntsville, Alabama for the best chance of holding the trucking company responsible for full and fair compensation.

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