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Insurance Disputes

Has your insurance company just refused to pay a valid claim?

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They delight in collecting the premiums you pay each month for coverage, but they often delay or deny payment when you file a valid claim on your insurance policy. Insurance companies resort to such tactics to increase their profits.

Some companies are worse than others. We are able to deal appropriately with the various companies based upon our experience and knowledge of their tactics.

Under Alabama law, insurance companies are required to act in good faith when selling, underwriting insurance policies and handling policy-holder claims.

When insurance companies fail to do so, they are acting in “bad faith” or in the worst cases, committing insurance fraud. If you feel that your insurance claim was delayed or wrongfully denied, contact our attorneys, Wayne Wolfe or Zach Guyse.

You may be entitled to compensation for denied policy benefits as well as for any damages you sustained.

In some extreme cases, you may also be awarded punitive damages designed to punish the insurance company for its bad behavior.

Our Insurance Dispute Lawyers Handle Several Types of Claims 

  • Bad Faith Conduct
  • Undue Delay
  • Wrongful Denial of Coverage
  • Fraud
  • Failure to Communicate Pertinent Information to the Policy Holder
  • Inadequate Investigation
  • Refusal to Pay the Claim Without Investigation
  • Failure to Timely Attempt to Come to a Fair and Reasonable Settlement
  • Failure to Negotiate the Settlement of a Claim
  • Failure to Disclose Policy Limits
  • Refusal to Defend the Policy Holder in a Lawsuit
  • Being Abusive To The Policy Holder

Experienced Negotiators & Trial Lawyers

Our insurance dispute lawyers want to make sure that you are completely compensated for all financial losses that may have resulted from the misconduct of your insurance company. We will identify all possible sources of compensation for your injuries and contact the appropriate parties on your behalf. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, we will not hesitate to go to trial to stand up for your rights. Many law firms have lawyers that cannot, or will not, take your case to trial. Our lawyers are recognized trial lawyers and have tried literally hundreds of cases, jury and non-jury.

Free Consultation and No Fee Unless You Collect

Initial consultations to discuss your insurance claim are free and we handle insurance dispute cases on a contingency basis, which means there is no fee and no costs unless we collect money for you.

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