March 18 2020

Wolfe Jones Policy Updates for Real Estate Closings in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic


On March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in response to the ongoing health concerns associated with COVID-19/Coronavirus. Information regarding the virus and how it spreads has been rapidly evolving over the past few days. While many companies have closed completely or instructed staff to work from home, unfortunately that is not an option for our office. We will continue to be open for business unless and until we are no longer permitted to be open. However, we acknowledge the potential of spreading the virus by person-to-person contact. Therefore, we are implementing the following policies and procedures effective immediately for all real estate closings :


1. All real estate closings will be conducted with only necessary parties in attendance. Friends and family members who are not required to sign closing documents are asked to please wait at home or in their vehicles. We would prefer that necessary parties wait in their vehicles until closing to prevent unnecessary gatherings in our lobby. See #3 below.


2. Real estate agents and lenders are strongly encouraged to coordinate with closing processors via telephone or email in advance to confirm figures on closing statements and other items for closing. While we understand certain circumstances will require attendance by real estate agents, we would encourage agents to refrain from attending closings as this is in accordance with social distancing recommendations of the World Health Organization. Real estate agents and lenders should do all they can to answer any and all questions of their client prior to closing in order to limit the amount of time required for closing and should be “on call” during a scheduled closing. Buyers and Sellers, please try to get all questions answered prior to closing.


3. We will make every effort to keep our conference rooms and waiting area safe and sanitary. Conference rooms will be kept closed for sanitizing between closings, and all parties to a transaction are asked to please wait in their vehicles until the time of their scheduled closing. Our waiting area will be closed to the public. Please call our office at (256) 534-2205 to let us know you have arrived and we will come out to escort you in for your closing at the appropriate time.


4. Copies of documents will be limited to electronic mail, with limited exceptions, as in the case of persons without an email account.


5. Individuals over the age of sixty (60) or any other persons who may feel themselves at higher risk may request car side service and a closing processor can bring documents outside for signatures.


6. This policy does not apply to non-real estate matters and clients. If we are representing you or your business in any bankruptcy, personal injury, consumer collection, general litigation, or any other matter, please contact the attorney responsible for your file with any questions regarding our current policies. In-person appointments and consultations may still be scheduled upon request.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Please take appropriate measures as recommended by the CDC to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Wolfe Jones Policy Updates for Real Estate Closings in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic